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Support times - SLA Statement


The best way to contact us is the Service Desk portal




Technical documentation


[email protected] (Not recommended, please create a ticket instead)

Issue trackers

Response times


4hrs (1/2 day)

Data Center issues with priority “Matter of hours”, if this priority is relevant.

8hrs (1 working day)

Data Center apps

3 days

Non-Data Center apps

Our public target is to provide an answer within the above times:

  • During working days 10am-6pm European time (8hrs means 1 working day),

  • Except on French bank holidays and temporary leave.

This SLA is an information of intent, and does not engage Requirement Yogi in any way.

Bugfixes and improvements are explicitly not part of any SLA, as software complexity makes it difficult to estimate the timeframe.

Data Center escalation process

Data Center customers operate our products in mission critical environments and want to feel confident that if issues arise they can be addressed quickly. We want to reassure them that we'll monitor the response times to their support requests:

Step 1

Create a support request on

Don't forget to mention "Data Center" to be in the right queue.

We actively monitor the response times on this queue.

Response times are explicited above.

Step 2

Please wait.

We have received your request and we will answer.

If we do not answer within the due timeframe, proceed to the next section.

Step 3

Please do not escalate when you are not meeting a blocking issue which have received no answer.

In the support request, click "Escalate". 

We will receive an email on our mobile phones, telling us you
are expecting an answer for this request.

Our target on escalation is to provide an answer within 4hrs during working days.

Step 4

Contact the manager using the email address received in the
request confirmation.

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