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Step 1 - Our apps

Requirement Yogi for Confluence

A comprehensive solution to manage requirements, specifications, and all kinds of data at the intersection between free text and structured databases. The strength of this app is to let users write documents and annotate them to use the data in reports, with various variants, baselines, traceability matrices, links with Jira, etc.

This app is available for Cloud and Data Center.

Requirement Yogi for Jira

This is a complementary app to RY for Confluence that allows you to link requirements to Jira issues and tests. You will then be able to extract this data into RTM’s and more. In DC, you can also bulk create Jira issues from requirements.

This app is available for Cloud and Data Center.

RY Testing & Compliance

Write test plans and tests in Confluence, in free text format. This app can be used independently or together with Requirement Yogi. You can create test sessions from your requirements, and quickly access their results from the popup and RTM.

This app is only available for Data Center.

PSEA Export add-on

This app is a technical module to export requirements to Excel on Data Center.

This app is available for Data Center, and you do not need it for Excel exports on Cloud.

ReqIF extension

Import ReqIF files into Requirement Yogi for Confluence. This is very useful to any users who work with other requirement management tools and want to link their ReqIF requirements to their Confluence Requirements.

This is only available for Server.

RY - Comala Integration

Are you familiar with Comala? Well if you use this app for workflows and document reviewal, you might want to use it to approve your requirements as well. This integration allows you to see the Comala workflow on each requirements, in your RTMs.

This app is only available for Data Center.

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