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Calculation macro

The calculation macro is based on the Calculations feature in the Traceability Matrix. Please feel free to read its docs to get acquainted first with the functionalities.

Use Case

The calculation’s first use is to calculate data from the requirement’s properties, for example measure the sum of estimates your project will take. Or the percentage of completion of a project based on the requirement’s status.

This calculation macro can also be as simple as adding simple operations next to your requirements (For example, measure engineering pieces vital for your requirements). And if you are familiar with our calculation syntax, add complex functions based on your requirements details and dependencies.

How to use the Calculation macro?

  1. Anywhere in your Confluence page

  2. Add the macro using /req

  3. This dialog will open:

  1. Here, you’ll need to choose the requirement that you’ll perform the calculation for.

    1. It can be from a different space, and variant, of your current page.

  2. Select a requirement from the list.

    1. You can use a simple syntax and type the requirement key.

  3. Enter your formula using the Calculation syntax.

Some examples

Arithmetics Operations

Ex: number * number

Add the Calculation Macro.png
What the macro looks like.png

Aggregation functions

Ex: SUM(@Cost, from@Refines)

Calculate sum of children's property.png
Result in the page.png
Result in the popup.png

Add dynamic requirement detail

Ex: If you want to add some context to a requirement link.

Add random properties of the requirement.png
How it looks in the page.png

See more examples

Go to the Calculation’s syntax to see more examples of formula: Calculation syntax

💬 This feature is pretty new and we are open to feedback, feel free to contact us on the support

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