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June 2022

This release note from June 2022, focuses on the key generation feature.

June 28th 2022


  • The index status is properly updated when forcing an indexing refresh in the page byline.


  • Users can now generate keys on a vertical table using the transformation wizard

  • Users are now asked to generate keys in the transformation wizard when one of their tables has empty requirement key cells.

June 15th 2022


  • (Jira) Now display the space key of the requirement directly when trying to add requirement to a Jira issue.


  • Changed the Requirement Yogi logo.


  • Searching for similar properties now properly works with status macros (eg: ACTIVE)

  • Searching for requirements should be significantly faster, especially for users with a lot of dependencies.

  • Improved the security of the application following the security audit.

  • Dependencies linking to a different space are now properly created and saved.

June 9th 2022


  • Images in the requirement descriptions where not displayed properly.

June 2nd 2022


  • (Jira) Users can now see the space of the requirement when expanding the description by clicking on the requirement text.


  • (Jira) Now copy the requirement links when an issue is cloned

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