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March 2022

March 31st 2022


  • Users can now reset the transformation wizard without having to close or reload the page.

  • Added a link to the template administration on the first screen of the transformation wizard.


  • Replaced the padlock icon on private transformation templates by a world icon on shared templates.

  • The transformation wizard now remembers the last transformation and lands users directly on the last saved transformation, when trying to transform a page already transformed.

March 16th 2022


  • Users are now able to reorder the plugins execution order in the Transformation Wizard. Order is no longer automatically set to put the requirements generation or transformation before the links transformation.


  • Table selection is now using a text field, instead of 2 number fields. We support syntax like "1-3" to select tables 1 to 3, but not "1, 4" to select tables 1 and 4.


  • Fixed an issue preventing users to delete a header transformation rule.

March 15th 2022


  • Change cache permissions to be more efficient. Administrator can now clean the cache if he changes user's permission.


  • Validation rules are applied when a user saves a page containing requirements.

  • When creating a validation rule, user can enter search criteria to have a more precise rule.

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