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Report Macro: Insert a Traceability Matrix into a page

You can now share your traceability matrices more easily with your coworkers by inserting them in your Confluence pages.

Insert the macro

In the Confluence page editor: Type /req to access the RY macros, and select the RY Report macro

Click on a query to select it, and press Enter or click on Insert to insert the macro in the page

⚠️ If you do not see any matrices on this screen, you need to make sure your matrices are shared to the whole space. To edit the permissions of your matrices, you need to go into Saved Matrices → Edit → And tick the “Share with everyone in the space” button

🎉 Tada

Use the report

Once the report is embedded and the page published, you can interact with the report like you would in the Traceability tab: Move/Add/Remove columns, click on requirement keys to show their details, etc..

Changes to the traceability matrix made in the Confluence page are not saved and will be lost when you refresh the page, and are not viewable by your colleagues.

To make permanent changes to a traceability macro, go to the Saved queries tab, select the macro you wish to change, make your changes, and don’t forget to save.

External properties

On macro creation, you can decide to allow users to edit the external properties directly in the Confluence page by checking “Enable the edition of external properties in the report macro”

Changes to external property values will then be saved.

Exports of Confluence pages

Unlike requirement definitions or links, the report macro is not available in the exports to Word or Excel. You will only be shown a link to the saved traceability matrix.

Exemple of pdf export


You can insert macros that pull data from an other Confluence space. The report macro uses the permissions of the space where it was saved to display requirements.

As an exemple, if Alice creates a report in space A, and decides to insert it in space B, Bob will not be able to see the results of the report if he doesn’t have the view permission on space A.

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