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Copying, Splitting and Moving pages

What happens to the requirements when you copy, split and move pages.

Requirement Yogi is generally built to support copying and moving.


Move to another space

Delete-and-recreate content



If you copy pages with requirements, then you end up with 2 definitions of the same requirement.


  • Replace definitions with links,

  • Or copy the page to another space.


If you move a page to another space, the URL of the requirements it contains will change.

  • All pages referencing those requirements will be updated,

  • A message will be set to Jira to update the links on Jira issues.

  • A redirect will be created between the old URL and the new URL.


If you cut requirements from the editor and paste them in another page (same space):

  • (warning) If you save the first page, requirements will be considered deleted. A message will be sent immediately to Jira to order the deletion of links to these requirements.

  • (tick) Therefore, it is recommended to first paste the requirements in the second page, save it so requirements are temporarily "duplicated", then remove the requirements from the first page. This way, Jira links will be kept.

Dependencies are not affected: When requirements are temporarily deleted, they are kept in the database with "DELETED" status, and dependencies will be restored when the requirement is restored.

Requirements with "DELETED" status are not visible in the search, but are visible in the space administration → Content Tools → RY Trash.



The copy will be reset, so you can freeze it whenever you want.


If you move a baseline, it will keep all its properties and frozen requirements.

(tick)  If a requirement has half the versions in a page and the rest in another page, then it will be possible to browse the history of this requirements.

(error)  If the page on which the requirement was baselined, is deleted, then the baselined requirement will lose the link to its original page (for that version).

RY Test Session blueprint


The copy will have all tests in the same status as the source page.



As a rule, if you feel like the requirements were not properly indexed, either edit the page or go to the tools menu, at the top-right of the page:

Just going to this page will check that requirements exist and aren't duplicated. You can also click "Refresh requirement descriptions" and even use this screen to transform all references to those requirements on the space to actual links!

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