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Customizable blueprint templates

To suit your processes, you may want to customize the blueprints. This is a standard Confluence feature, available in the space administration or in the global administration.

PRD blueprint

(tick) You can customize

Absolutely nothing is necessary in this blueprint apart from explanations, so wipe it out and restart from scratch at will.

Dictionary blueprint

(tick) You can customize

You can even add tables and columns, but Requirement Yogi will only insert requirement in the last one.

Baseline blueprint

(tick) You can customize

The only mandatory macro on this blueprint is the "RY Baseline" one.

RY Test Session blueprint (from the app RY Testing & Compliance)

(warning) You can customize, but there isn't much to customize.

Why? If users created the table themselves, it would be difficult for the software to know which columns should receive the RY macro and the RY Test macro.

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