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Maintenance guide

These tasks that can be performed regularly. Please watch this tutorial for a quick overview:

Check the queue

Go to the Requirement Yogi administration in Confluence and Jira, in the tab "Integrations", and check that there is no red error message.

  • The most frequent problem is that the authentication to Jira/Confluence has timed out, and the user needs to authenticate again,

  • The other problem that can happen is that there are messages in the queue which failed, for example if a Jira project doesn't exist anymore, if the administrative user doesn't have permissions for it, etc.

Check the disk usage in Jira

If the table AO_42D05A_RYAUDITTRAIL starts being too big in Jira, then please go to the Jira administration and delete the history. This can be found in the "Disk space" section in Jira.

Check the size of the tables in Confluence

This has been solved in RY 3.0

You need to monitor whether we are reaching the maximum number of items in a database table (at least, using the ActiveObjects API). See the section "Usage metrics" in the administration:

What can be done?

Once you have reached this limit, it is not possible to create any more data in Requirement Yogi.

Please upgrade to RY 3.0 before you reach this limit.

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