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Release 2.1 - Ambitious bugfixes

This release contains important changes that could impact customers. Please review the release notes carefully. There is no "actual feature" in this release.


We've increased the prices of Requirement Yogi in 2.0.0, but we offer our current customers to remain on the old price. Please ask us for a voucher until 30/05/2020 if you've first purchased Requirement Yogi before 30/05/2019.

Permission change: All tabs are visible to everyone

We do NOT require the EXPORT permissions anymore for the tabs below:

We have improved the pagination and performance for all those matrixes, so we are confident that these tabs can be made visible to anyone.

If you used to rely on the EXPORT permission of the space:

  • This permissions is deprecated for us,

  • You can temporarily reactivate the EXPORT permission until the next micro release, using the system property -Drequirementyogi.require-export-permission-for-matrixes=true.

  • Please notify us, otherwise we'll assume that no-one required the export permissions.

Immediate synchronization is mandatory for everyone

If you have Jira issues linked to requirements, then it is not possible anymore to delay the synchronization until a manual action is performed by the user.

Non-immediate synchronization had been deprecated for a long time, so no customer should be impacted... in theory.

Viewing a page

We have accelerated the page load. Rendering the macros doesn't require any access to the database, so pages load faster.

Drawback: The excerpts for the requirement popups are loaded after the page load, and it is especially visible when requirements are highlighted (in red for duplicates, or in other colors for colored requirements).

What we've improved

  • RY-383 We ensure that tasks and threads are aborted as cleanly as possible when a user uninstall the plugin,

  • RY-280 We've accelerated the loading times for requirements,

  • RY-399 Compatibility with Confluence 7 - Confluence will drop some deprecated APIs in the following months, so we've ensured we didn't use them,

  • RY-420 Fix the RPC URL when sending requests from Confluence to Jira (for the Traceability matrix),

  • RY-421 Fix creating requirements in the dictionaries

  • We are working on an API to work with external requirements (from Catia or other plugins).

Changes in the Test & Compliance module

  • None.

Changes in the RY for Jira module

  • None.

List of Jira issues

See the list of Jira issues here.

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Task RY-418 Ensure pages and page history benefit from the preload Adrien Ragot Adrien Ragot Matter of months Closed Resolved 19/Jun/19 11:53 AM 26/Jun/19 3:08 PM
Task RY-383 Clean up threads on app unload (and enable immediate synchronization for all instances) Adrien Ragot Former user Matter of months Closed Resolved 20/May/19 10:57 AM 03/Oct/19 1:10 PM
New Feature RY-387 Change permissions for the "matrix" tabs Adrien Ragot Adrien Ragot Matter of months Closed Resolved 20/May/19 5:00 PM 26/Jun/19 3:08 PM
New Feature RY-280 Accelerate page load time Adrien Ragot Adrien Ragot (Old account) Matter of months Closed Resolved 11/Jan/19 11:59 AM 26/Jun/19 3:09 PM
Bug RY-421 Exception on Dictionary page Adrien Ragot Adrien Ragot Matter of months Closed Resolved 25/Jun/19 9:12 AM 28/Jun/19 11:20 PM
Bug RY-420 Jira connection and traceability matrix Adrien Ragot Adrien Ragot Matter of months Closed Resolved 21/Jun/19 10:23 AM 26/Jun/19 3:08 PM
Bug RY-353 Cannot sort RY Report macro other than by key Adrien Ragot Rick Earl Matter of months Closed Resolved 08/May/19 2:56 AM 26/Jun/19 3:09 PM

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