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Release 2.4 - Improvements to the search

This release focuses on the improvement of the seach with Russian characters in property names and values.

In this release

Use Russian or most UTF-8 characters in property names, values and in the search. 

Release 2.4.1

This is rather a technical release, to check everything works well with some big underlying change:

  • We are now using Javascript/ES6. It shouldn't be visible from the user's point of view but, in case of issue, you can downgrade back to 2.3.3.

  • We support UTF-8 in property names and values! (long-awaited feature) We also support numbers, for example "baseline = 1" is now legal.

  • We've removed the "Email our support from within the app" feature, for GDPR compliance.

  • We've disabled jobs when Confluence was in read-only mode.

Release 2.4.2

Minor bugfixes

Release 2.4.3

Our change: We index properties differently.

  • Before: We used to let the user search on the HTML of the properties,

  • After: We've split the column between display and search, so what is displayed is the HTML, but what can be searched is the textual content of a value.

Example: If a property contained a status, the HTML would be something like <span class="status-success">OK</span>, so the search query would be ugly: @Property = '<span class="status-success">OK</span>'

Stored data for display

Stored data for search

Displayed as

Search query



<span class="status-success">OK</span>

(None, it didn't exist)


@Property = '<span class="status-success">OK</span>'

The search was ugly.


<span class="status-success">OK</span>



@Property = 'OK'


I hope you understand that this is a major improvement, and will be satisfied with the implementation.

Other changes:

  • It is not necessary anymore to use quotes around numbers: "baseline = 1" or "page = 2" are valid queries,

  • We've introduced "==" for the strict equality.

  • We've introduced functions, for the moment only one:

    • user("mylogin") returns an object of type User which can only be used when checking mentions in properties, example: @Author = user("mylogin"). Also works with the user's key.

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