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Release 2.5 – Public API, ReqIF and queue in Jira

Mostly a technical release

2.5.0 is a major version because there are major changes in terms of internal package names and build process, but it has few immediately-visible features. Our performance tests for Data Center show no visible impact for our changes, neither for Confluence nor Jira, so in theory all should go well.


Please configure an administrator username in Jira for the queue.

Set your credentials in Confluence

Set your credentials in Jira

What are those credentials used for? See Requirement Yogi for Jira - Basically it was required for the best performance, to ensure we support multinode environments and the Data Center requirements.

A new, public API

You are now able to program extensions to integrate Requirement Yogi with other systems!

Public API


Exemple of implementation

See our ReqIF addon,


Will be published soon on the Atlassian Marketplace

Unofficial support for ReqIF and other formats

In the next few weeks following RY 2.5.0, we'll publish a plugin which uses our Public API and imports 80% of a ReqIF document.

Note: We won't officially "support ReqIF" because it would require us to support 100% of the ReqIF specification, and most documents exist in other formats than ReqIF. The goal of the plugin is to show how external documents can be supported, and thus make it possible for you to import your own document and do the mappings yourself.

Queue in Jira (a username is required)

Since we've implemented the Jira bulk issue creation for requirements, we've seen issues for users who create more than 2,000 issues and want to keep them in sync.

  • A queue in Jira will allow us to reliably notify Confluence of changes (issue rename, issue move, etc).

  • The drawback is that it requires a username in Jira's administration.

Minor versions

RY 2.5.0 (both Confluence and Jira)

  • BugRY-529 - Publish a Java API Closed

  • TaskRY-518 - Implementing a queue from Jira to Confluence Closed  (and RY-562) – This is the change which requires a username in Jira.

  • New FeatureRY-616 - Move the Traceability matrixes into AO Closed  - We've changed the internal storage for saved traceability matrixes. They should be transferred automatically using a background job that runs 3 minutes after the plugin is installed; If they are not migrated automatically, you can click "Migrate now" in the traceability matrix dropdown.

  • New FeatureRY-592 - Pass Data Center tests Closed  - We've rerun the Data Center tests for Jira after adding the queue.

  • New FeatureRY-603 - RYJira: Store descriptors in ActiveObjects Closed  - In Jira, we've changed the storage we store connection information to Confluence (API version, username and whether we auto-upgrade).

  • New FeatureRY-599 - Autoset the user in Jira and Confluence on the other side Closed  - In Jira, we've made it easier to set the username for the authentication to Confluence. The ticket will remain "open" until we do the same in Confluence.

  • New FeatureRY-604 - Jira: Support for the "user picker" field and for components Closed  - In Jira, support values sent by RY Confluence for the "Components", "Labels", "Assignee" and similar complex fields, and support when they are "templated" (when a component is "{@a_property}", meaning the user wants to use a property of the requirements as a component name).

  • BugRY-553 - Lozenges in Jira should not display the popup automatically Closed  - In Jira, stop displaying the popup when hovering over a requirement key. Instead, display it when we click on the requirement, to avoid flashes of popups when a user is browsing the screen with their mouse.

  • New FeatureRY-623 - Publish static documentation for our REST API Closed  - We've improved the in-code documentation so the REST API documentation displays nicely.

RY 2.5.1 (Confluence and Jira)

  • BugRY-587 - Deleting, moving or renaming a Jira issue should update/delete the link in Confluence Closed  Added support for renamed, moved and deleted issues, to update their issue title in Confluence.

  • BugRY-626 - Local cache error with RY plugin in Jira Closed  Fix an error in Jira Data Center by removing a cache which wasn't used often.

RY 2.5.2 (Confluence only)

  • New FeatureRY-568 - Redirect to the same search after renaming requirements Closed  Redirect to the search after renaming issues,

  • New FeatureRY-609 - Create a "Jira status" field in the traceability matrix Closed Add a "Status" field in the traceability matrix for Jira issues

  • RY-554 Issue not public yet.

RY 2.5.3 (Confluence only)

  • Suggestion / IdeaRY-531 - Suggestion: A tree view of requirements Closed  Traceability matrix: A tree view for the first column, and a button to display all properties in one click – See our new screenshots of the Traceability matrix!

  • New FeatureRY-634 - Traceability matrix: Add a column to display the body/description of the requirement Closed  Traceability matrix: A column for the description of requirements,

  • New FeatureRY-633 - Traceability matrix: Add a column with the name of the original page Closed  Traceability matrix: A column for the name of the original page of the requirement.

  • BugRY-630 - In the RTE, display a bit more of the properties (20 characters instead of 5) Closed  In the RTE, display the full details of the properties when clicking on a requirement macro,

  • BugRY-628 - Diff: When first loading the screen, the queries aren't used Closed  Small bug about the Diff screen.

  • BugRY-643 - The search_only parameter doesn't work in the RY Report macro Closed  Disable the search box in the RY Report macro, since no-one uses it.

  • BugRY-642 - RY Reports: Display the lozenge when displaying dependencies Closed  Display the lozenge when displaying dependencies in the search.

  • BugRY-641 - Sort links by alphabetical order Closed  Sort the links by alphabetical order - in the popup, in the search, in the reports etc.

  • New FeatureRY-635 - Display name of space for RY search results in Confluence quick search Closed  Display the space name when searching for requirements in Confluence's Quick Search.

RY 2.5.4 (Confluence only)

  • RY-554 (Unofficial) Support for the UTF-8 keys in the rename and the refreeze.

  • Suggestion / IdeaRY-600 - Suggestion: Refactor the 'refreeze' screen into a two-column layout Closed  Upgrade the "refreeze baseline" experience. Use drag'n'drop, support UTF-8 requirements,

  • New FeatureRY-621 - Show linked jira issue status in RY requirements Closed  In the popup, display the status of Jira issues,

  • New FeatureRY-645 - Settings - to choose whether to open the popup on hover or click Closed  For the popup, let the administrators configure whether the popup should be displayed immediately or upon click,

  • New FeatureRY-647 - Diff highlights not visible in PDF export Closed  When exporting a page to PDF, if there was an RY Report macro displaying a diff, the diff wouldn't be coloured. Added the colour.

  • New FeatureRY-646 - Settings - Disable automated error reporting to the admin's email Closed  Entirely remove the code that used to notify administrators when the communication queue with Jira failed,

  • New FeatureRY-584 - Decouple the global limits Closed  Decouple the global limit, let the users set the limit for the pages, import, and so on.

RY 2.5.7 (Confluence and Jira)

  • Suggestion / IdeaRY-595 - Suggestion : Notify the current user of his failed queue messages Closed  Personal queue. There are messages between Confluence and Jira which can sometimes fail (authentication, etc). The user who modified the requirement page gets notified (randomly once every 50 views) and they can retry messages.

  • New FeatureRY-650 - Display a warning when reaching physical limits of max table size / sequence IDs Closed  Confluence administration: The administrator can check whether they are reaching a high number of used IDs in the database.

  • Suggestion / IdeaRY-472 - Uninstallation screen for reversibility Closed  Confluence administration: An "Uninstall" screen helps customers leave Requirement Yogi by uninstalling all the macros.

  • New FeatureRY-607 - Purge the trash of requirements Closed  Space administration: Ability to purge trashed requirements.

  • BugRY-636 - Inconsistent Diff view Closed  Diff: PDF exports should contain the strikethrough when elements are removed.

  • BugRY-488 - "NOT" in JQL - Warn when using the function wrongly Closed  Jira: Users are warned when using the JQL function with too many requirements.

  • New FeatureRY-652 - Index the custom field in JQL Closed  Jira (8.0 and above, and non-Data Center only): We have a new syntax to search for requirements.

RY 2.5.8 (Confluence)

  • BugRY-657 - NullPointerException in the traceability matrix Closed  Add logging for an error that is displayed in the traceability matrix,

  • New FeatureRY-655 - Usage statistics Closed  Display a tab in the administration with a few usage statistics.

RY 2.5.9 (Confluence and Jira)

  • BugRY-662 - Baseline numbers can collide Closed  We've noticed that baseline numbers could collide in certain circumstances. Introduce a cluster-wide lock to avoid this.

  • New FeatureRY-661 - Jira bulk issue creation: Implement the Epic field (assuming text only) Closed  Jira bulk issue creation: Support for the Epic field.

  • BugRY-658 - Traceability matrix doesn't display the same way as a macro (Description column) Closed  Traceability matrix: Description column didn't display when the report was inserted in Confluence pages.

  • BugRY-654 - Diff: Modified links are displayed as identical Closed  Diff: Include reverse dependencies when doing a diff on dependencies.

  • BugRY-664 - Space reindex: Review and delete links to Jira Closed  Ability to clean up broken links (Go to space administration → RY Reindex),

  • BugRY-665 - Error in the editor when inserting requirements Closed  Error in the editor when inserting requirements (interference with another app).

RY 2.5.10 (Confluence)

  • Suggestion / IdeaRY-589 - Suggestion: Better menu for the saved queries Closed  Traceability matrix - 1. Better "save" menu, 2. They can be cross-space, 3. They can be made visible to the whole space.

  • New FeatureRY-663 - Traceability: The tree should be usable when inserted on a page Closed  Traceability matrix: The expand/collapse box works on pages.

  • New FeatureRY-668 - Save and display the last execution of the queue/job Closed  Display the results of the last queue job, in the administration.

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