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Release 2.6 – Library upgrades

Mostly a technical release

2.6.0 is a major version because we have upgraded a lot of our libraries. There is slightly-higher-than-usual probability of breaking with some versions of Confluence/Jira, although we have tested every major version.

The custom field is available by default in Jira

In Jira, the "Requirement Yogi Links" custom field was only available to non-Data-Center versions by default. It is not available for everyone.

  • JQL works!

    • Example: RequirementCustomField = 'REQ-002' (the name depends on the name you provided for this field),

    • Example: RequirementCustomField in requirementYogiKeys("REQ-%")

    • See: JQL Syntax

  • If you have already created a custom field, you need to upgrade the "searcher" to be able to use JQL. See screenshot below.

New layout for the Jira dialog

As highlighted in Jira links, we have refactored the Jira dialog to accomodate for an infinite number of baselines:


  • We have removed the "display mode" field form the RY Report macro, since it didn't work and no-one noticed it for 2 years.

  • In the traceability matrix, it is not possible anymore to display the status of a Jira issue in the same cell. You must add a new column for the "status" field.

More issues resolved in 2.6.0

In order of relevance:

  • BugRY-747 - T&C cannot work in standalone Closed  Test & Compliance module: Can now work without Requirement Yogi,

  • BugRY-743 - Activate the custom field by default in Jira Closed  Jira: Activate the custom field by default,

  • BugRY-708 - Reindexation of the issue after link changes Closed  Jira: The issue is reindexed when the custom field is modified,

  • New FeatureRY-745 - Unexpected error displayed when trying to create a baseline Closed  Bug when creating a baseline and a page was in draft,

  • New FeatureRY-744 - Make the traceability matrix work in cross-space context Closed  Coverage matrix: Ability to work cross-spaces,

  • New FeatureRY-748 - Reindex live templates from Scaffolding Closed  Scaffolding compatibility: Pages are now reindexed when a Live Template is updated,

  • New FeatureRY-746 - Traceability matrix - Requirements and Jira issues should be links Closed  Traceability matrix export to Excel: Requirements are now links, so it is easier to navigate between Excel and Confluence,

  • StoryRY-738 - Upgrade libraries Closed  Library upgrades (technical issue without user-facing feature),

  • BugRY-643 - The search_only parameter doesn't work in the RY Report macro Closed  Removal of the "display mode" in the RY Report macro.

Resolved in 2.6.2

  • New FeatureRY-754 - Queue: Better management of the timeout Closed  Main improvement: Overhaul of the timeouts for the queue in Jira. See Queue performance for all explanations.

  • BugRY-751 - Cap the time for Jira issue history deletion Closed  Add a 30s timeout for the deletion of items in the Jira administration, so the user can have some feedback,

  • BugRY-755 - Error message in log after Confluence upgrade to 7.4.8 Closed  Fixed the upgrade task in Jira, which was causing a message in the logs,

  • New FeatureRY-752 - Can't delete requirements from deleted excel file Closed  Ability to delete the requirements which were on an Excel file, when the Excel file was removed.

  • BugRY-749 - Traceability matrix doesn't work well in Safari Closed  Fix the traceability matrix for Safari,

  • BugRY-753 - Requirement Yogi 2.6.0 in IE - Space tree doesn't show Closed  Fix the space tree for IE,

  • BugRY-742 - Links to original definition broken in edit mode Closed  Fix the link to the definition of requirements, which was malformed.

Resolved in 2.6.3

  • New FeatureRY-758 - Jira dialog: Upgrade/downgrade Closed  In the Jira dialog, changed the UI to allow an infinite number of baselines (see screenshots). Added a "Criteria" field to replace the two "Space" and "Baseline" menus, to enable an infinite number of baselines. It also allows upgrading/downgrading requirements to the provided baseline.

  • New FeatureRY-759 - "Expand all" in Jira Closed  In Jira, an "Expand all" button

  • Suggestion / IdeaRY-538 - Suggestion: Add separate role for requirements rename Closed  Add a separate role to rename requirements

  • BugRY-735 - Refreeze Function Add Closed  In the baseline refreeze, the "Add dependency" button only added the examples, not the whole list of dependencies. This also enables more requirements in a refreeze

  • BugRY-769 - Requirements Yogi Confluence plugin crashes on Excel export Closed  Fix the export-to-Excel function, which requires a specific version of a library

  • New FeatureRY-756 - Make it possible to use a traceability matrix with $currentBaseline Closed  Traceability matrix: Ability to use a traceability matrix for the baseline blueprint, so customized columns can be displayed

  • New FeatureRY-741 - Change ownership of traceability matrixes Closed  Traceability matrix: Ability to change the owner

  • BugRY-764 - Traceability: Support for multiple-select Closed  Traceability matrix: Support for the "single select" custom field in Jira

  • BugRY-763 - Traceability matrix: Support for the custom type "Select list (Single choice)" Closed  Traceability matrix: Support for the "multiselect" custom field in Jira

  • BugRY-762 - Traceability matrix: "Load more..." is missing Closed  Traceability matrix: Display "Load more..." when it is needed

Resolved in 2.6.5

  • New FeatureRY-790 - Change the primary key (from integer to long) for the table "Queue" Closed  Major: Change the primary key for the table "Queue" (from int to long). PostgreSQL administrators can choose to migrate the type manually.

  • New FeatureRY-784 - Customers at risk of losing Jira links: Implement hidden requirements in Jira Closed  Major: Change of behavior, deleting a requirement will not remove the links in Jira. It will only hide it in Jira, assuming v2.6.5 is installed on the Jira side too.

  • BugRY-727 - RY does not read in property values exactly matching the requirement ID Closed  Remove the name of the requirement, if it is at the beginning of its own text.

  • BugRY-728 - Cannot remove broken links from JIRA issues Closed  Screen to repair Jira links: Support moved issues

  • BugRY-761 - Support the Handy Status macro (Stiltsoft) Closed  Support for the Handy Status macro

  • New FeatureRY-765 - Traceability: Display all links in the same cell Closed  Traceability matrix: Ability to choose to display all links in separate/same cell

  • BugRY-771 - "Hide synchronized" during Jira bulk issue creation not working Closed  Fix the Jira Bulk Issue Creation, "Hide synchronized" tickbox

  • BugRY-772 - Links in HTML export link back to Confluence instance Closed  HTML exports: Link to another file, instead of linking back to Confluence,

  • New FeatureRY-774 - In the editor, when using "Transform to links", transform every second requirement to a link Closed  Editor / "Tranform definitions to links": Ability to transform all definitions except the first one for each requirement,

  • BugRY-788 - Use the StringBuilderForAO.likeClause() for all occurrences of "LIKE ?" Closed  Technical detail: Use a specific LIKE clause for SQL Server with escapable characters (only impacts the Baseline service),

  • BugRY-789 - Upgrade tasks V50 and V51 meet an issue with MySQL Closed  Fix upgrade tasks V50 and V51 (mid-2020) for MySQL,

  • BugRY-793 - Reduce jar size Closed  Reduce the size of the .jar file, from 5.5MB to 3.3MB.

  • In Jira:

    • New FeatureRY-787 - Add a link under "Manage addons" in the Jira administration Closed  Add a link to the app in "Manage addons"

    • New FeatureRY-784 - Customers at risk of losing Jira links: Implement hidden requirements in Jira Closed  Support for deleted requirements on the Confluence side,

    • BugRY-792 - Excerpts are not retrieved by Jira Closed  Requirement text is not retrieved when set through the custom field 

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