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Requirement Yogi - ReqIF extension

This tool is an example of what can be built to integrate with Requirement Yogi. It is an open-source demonstration of how to import external documents into Requirement Yogi (sold separately).

Manage ReqIF documents in Requirement Yogi

Import ReqIF documents

ReqIF is an open XML standard. Integrate those documents with Requirement Yogi in Confluence.

Define mappings

Map each requirement type and property.


Open-source. Download, fork and support your own format!

This tool is a demonstration of how the Requirement Yogi API can be used:

  • Import ReqIF documents to Confluence,

  • Define mappings to create requirements,

  • Reference those requirements from Confluence pages.

It requires Requirement Yogi (commercial product).


  • Dependencies can be defined from requirements to ReqIF (one-way),

  • Baselines are supported,

  • Requirements can be mentioned from Jira.


  • Internal dependencies in the external document are ignored,

  • Only text formats are supported for data types,

  • This plugin implements 80% of the use cases, but this is not an entire implementation of the ReqIF specification.



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