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April 2022

April 29th 2022


  • Users are now able to have requirements with long requirement number: (eg: REQ-000202208261535001)

April 26th 2022


  • Users are now able to index requirements in paragraph and headings.

  • Added a configuration macro for requirements defined in paragraph or headings (See Configuring requirement properties).

April 4th 2022


  • MAJOR Users are now able to transform requirements in vertical tables.


  • Users are now able to transform requirement links separated by commas or spaces.


  • Requirements defined in vertical tables are now properly indexed with their properties.


  • The inheritance was temporarily removed, and might get totally removed in the future. The inheritance adds complexity to the code while not being really used by the users and slows down the development of other features.

→ Please let us know if you would like it to come back via a support ticket.

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