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April 2024

April 30th 2024


You can now create Jira issues directly from your requirements!

You can do this either from the requirement details popup or from the requirement details page.


Jira issues created this way are automatically linked to their original requirement.

For now, we only support basic Jira fields (summary, description) so it won’t work if you have other required fields.

Please note this also requires Requirement Yogi for Jira to be installed and configured.


We’ve also made some improvements on the JQL Extension. You can now look for specific requirement links on Jira issues. Check out the docs for more information: JQL Syntax and Extensions

April 24th 2024


Relationships between Jira issues and requirements can now be migrated!

  • Before you migrate the Jira part with JCMA,

  • Make sure the relationships created in Server match the ones in Cloud

    • Available in the Requirement Yogi Administration > Relationships (both in Cloud and Server)

Need more information? Take look at the docs: Requirement Yogi for Jira | Administrate-Requirement-Issue-relationships

April 19th 2024


We've just opened up our REST APIs to our customers.

You can now develop integrations with Requirement Yogi!

This is an early access, as the REST APIs and the authentication strategy are set to change in the coming months.


For more information, check out the documentation: REST APIs (Cloud).

April 16th 2024


We are pleased to announce the new Import tab!

You can now bulk import external properties from Excel spreadsheets.

Stay tuned because we have plans to extend this feature to import other types of data!


For more information, check out the documentation: Excel Loop import: Import external properties.

April 5th 2024


Requirement Yogi for Jira now has its own Jira panel!

If you want to see your requirement links directly on the issue page instead of in the sidebar, you can add this section to your issue by clicking on the ... button and selecting Requirement Yogi.

You can also manage requirement links with different relationships.

New View of requirements in Jira.png

For more information, check out the documentation: Requirement Yogi for Jira

📢 Share your feedback

We still have room for improvements, please share your feedback and insights with our team:

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