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Requirement Yogi for Jira

To use all Jira connected features, make sure you download the Requirement Yogi for Jira app first.

If you didn't already connect your Confluence and Jira instances please follow Installation in Jira.

Linking requirements to Jira issues allows you and your users to take Requirement Yogi to the next step.

From an issue, you can quickly navigate to your product specifications, and from the traceablity matrix, you can easily see the global advancement of your project by checking the Jira issues status.

If you are looking for a quick tutorial, please check out our video for a quick dive into this integration:

Link requirements to Jira issues

1. Requirement Links are visible in the sidebar

Open the Requirement Yogi panel

Requirement Yogi panel in the sidebar.png

Click on the "Edit" icon to add or remove requirements

You need to have permission to edit the issue to add or remove requirements

Edit Requirement links - Sidebar panel.png

2. Requirement Links are visible as a section in the issue NEW

In the Jira issue, click on the ... to add the Requirement Yogi section.

Add Requirement Yogi section to Issue.png

Now you can see your requirements directly in the Issue, as a list.

Requirement's section in Issue view.png

Click on edit to access the content.

You need to have permission to edit the issue to add or remove requirements

Edit Requirement links.png
  • Edit the relationships of current requirement links.

  • Or delete them

Edit Existing Relationships.png

Add new requirement links

  1. Filter with key, space and variant.

  2. Choose the relationship

  3. Add multiple requirements with this relationship

Add Requirement Links with relationships.png

What does it look like in Confluence?

Once you have added a requirement to an issue, you can see the issue status in Confluence when displaying the requirement in the detailed view or in the traceability matrix. You can also search for requirement linked to specific issues using the search syntax.

Requirement Detail.png
Traceability view.png

Administrate Requirement-Issue relationships NEW

⚠️ You need to be an administrator.

Click on the cog button to go in the RY for Jira administration.

Go to Requirement Yogi Administration.png

Go to the Relationships tab:

  • Create new relationships

  • You can also set them up as default.

Edit relationships - Administration.png

You can also create requirements directly from Jira issues. Check out this documentation for more information: Create Jira issues from Requirements .

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