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Import Scroll Documents as variants

Our Requirement Yogi plug-in provides an integration with Scroll Documents, allowing you to import all documents and versions managed by Scroll as variants.

Requirement Yogi plugin provides an integration with Scroll Documents.

It enables you to import all documents and versions managed by Scroll Documents as variants.

In that way, you can index your page with the relevant variant.

If you have Scroll Documents enabled on your instance, on the Administration page of Variants, a Scroll Documents button appears and make this feature available for you (You should be a Space Administrator).

When opening, the dialog displays a preview of the available Scroll Documents that have been created in the current space.

After clicking on Import button, the processing is displayed in real-time. You will not be able to quit this screen.

The plugin creates as many variants as you have Scroll Documents and versions. They will be listed on the administration of variants.

If you create another Scroll Document variant, just come back here, and click again on Import button.

If a Scroll Document has been removed, re-import and the corresponding variant will be soft-deleted.

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