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Xray Test Management for Jira

Xray is one of the many testing management apps in the Marketplace, and we have a small integration to help you see some Xray Custom fields.

1 - Display your requirements and their linked Jira issues

💡 Click on the Cog menu to display columns

Xray integration - Traceability Matrix.png

2 - Display Ticket status

💡 You cannot display test status, but you can display the status of Jira issues

Xray Integration - Add status.png

Xray Integration - Ticket Status.png

3 - Add custom fields

💡 It is possible to display Xray’s custom fields: Begin date, End date and Revision Date. Click on the cog menu and on More Jira fields then, look for xray.

Xray Integration - Custom fields.png
Xray Integration - Full traceability.png

Would like to see more?

The integration is still a work in progress… Are you seeing some limits, or would you like us to implement more, such as test results and status bars?

Let us know through the support:

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