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Comala integration

This extension triggers every time there is a workflow change, and assigns the new status to the requirement's external property named "Comala status".

  • The status displays in the requirement popup

  • The status displays in the traceability matrix

  • The status is searchable like an external property

How to install?

  • It requires to have Comala Document Management (tested with version 6.16.13) and Requirement Yogi

  • Go to the marketplace and install it (this integration should be installed after Comala and Requirement Yogi)

How to configure?

  • There is no configuration to perform. When it is enabled, every workflow change modifies the property on the requirements, on all spaces.

  • If you want to ensure all the Comala statuses are correct, then you can use the "Comala" tab in the space administration and it will resynchronize all statuses.

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