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We have tested and we'll manage bugs for the following add-ons:



Easy Dropdown

(tick) Complete, starting in RY 1.8.2


(tick) Supported with normal limitations, see Scaffolding Compatibility.

Comala Document Management

(tick) Our plugin is required - See Comala integration.

Scroll Versions

(tick) We index the published version of the page only.


(warning) We have published a proof-of-concept plugin, as a way to show how it is possible to integrate with Requirement Yogi.

See ReqIF integration.

Xray Testing management for Jira

(tick) We have added the Xray status bar integration to our Traceability Matrix. Read more about it here.

Zephyr Scale - Test Management for Jira

(tick) We support Zephyr fields in our Traceability Matrix. Read more about it here.

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