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Zephyr integration with Requirement Yogi

Ask for more!

We're happy to develop more fields, please just ask us detailing your usecase. We are just lacking examples and usecases to go further.

We have an integration with testing tools in Jira such as: Xray (see previous page) and Zephyr Scale (formerly TM4J), and both of them appear in our traceability matrix.

In summary, it is possible to display fields related to Zephyr.

Supported Zephyr fields

You can display test cases associated with a Jira issue. The hyperlink goes directly to the Zephyr test case.

We also display the last test result, the status of the test case, the component, priority, version.

Here is the menu to add more fields:

Options on the Zephyr column

On the columns where there are Zephyr test cases, it is also possible to filter records. If you don't tick "Only display the latest execution", then all tests are displayed:

As you see, all test results are concatenated, so it is also possible to display them in separate cells (the last option in the menu):

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