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Keyword Dictionaries and blueprints

Release 1.4

Those features were published in version 1.4 in March 2016.

Annotate keywords, error messages and part numbers

We're introducing the dictionary blueprint in Requirement Yogi. It starts with a template where people can enter any kind of key/description entry:

The user can assign a color to distinguish, for example, error messages from normal messages:

Specifications of the feature

This part will explain how this feature works. It leverages the Properties feature, so users could reach the same results without using the template. It defines the special properties named "Type" and "_formatting". Here are more details:





Any string

  • The type will be displayed in the requirement properties,

  • When using the inline creation popup, types are suggested,

  • There is the inconvenience that people who already use "Type" for another purpose will populate the inline dialog unnecessarily. We think this is a minor inconvenience because the inline dialog isn't used often.


#color; bold; italic; underlined;

  • All requirements with this property will be formatted accordingly.

  • Elements must be in the specific order, followed by a semi-colon and an optional space.

  • The first item is a CSS color in hex/css format, such as " #ff0000" for red.

  • Note that this property is not searchable or visible in the details, since it contains "_".

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