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We are often asked whether it is possible to script the creation of requirements.

Accessing the Jira issue through the REST API

It is possible to access the details of a Jira issue using:


For example, assuming the Jira issue is http://jira.local:2990/jira/browse/SCRUM-10, then the REST API is http://jira.local:2990/jira/rest/api/latest/issue/SCRUM-10.

It is also possible to write into the same URL. For example, go to a Jira issue, open the Javascript console and write the following code (after modifying the parameters) and it will set the requirements to FN-01:

    type: "PUT",
    url: AJS.contextPath() + "/rest/api/2/issue/" + RY.getIssueKey(), // ID of the current issue
    data: JSON.stringify({
        "fields": {
            // "summary": "New summary",
            "customfield_10300": [ // ID of the Requirement Yogi Custom Field
                    "applinkId": "f6c9112d-0dbf-3f28-9307-f30e55632e0c",
                    "spaceKey": "TEAM",
                    "key": "FN-01",
                    "relationship": "implements",
                    "baseline": null // Can be omitted
    contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8"


You can access the search results using {baseUrl}/rest/reqs/1/requirement2/{spaceKey}

For example, assuming TEAM as a space key: http://confluence.local:1990/confluence/rest/reqs/1/requirement2/TEAM

The full REST documentation (URL parameters, etc.) is provided on our developer portal.

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