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Headers transformation: assign headers in bulk to all tables in the page

You can watch the tutorial for an overview:

When to use it?

  • When you import a document from Word:

Sometimes, tables imported from Word are ill-defined and don't have proper table headers. Table headers are used by requirement yogi to know the properties of your requirements

If your tables don't have the proper headers, you will be prompted to add or transform headers automatically when creating a new transformation

  • To rename requirement properties

Using the headers transformation

You can access the headers transformation after being automatically prompted, or from the summary step

Like with the Keys transformation or the Links transformation, you can select the tables where you want to apply the headers transformation.

Transformation modes

You can choose between three transformation modes:

Add a header row.

We will preserve the tables and simply add a header row on top. You are free to define the column names you want

We won't add a header row to tables already having one. Feel free to be generous in the table selection, in order to reuse the transformation.

Replace the header row

We will replace the first row of your tables. You can use this transformation to quickly rename properties for several tables of requirements at once. Tables already having headers will also have their headers replaced. We will remove the first row of tables not having headers.

  • Transform the first row into headers

We will simply use the text from the first row to generate headers. You will lose any data (like images or macros) that was in the first row in the transformation, only keeping the text.

Column configuration

You are free to add or remove column names to keep your transformations as general as possible. If too many columns are specified, we will simply not use the surplus.

Changing the plugin configuration

At the summary step before transforming the page, simply click on the rule you want to modify to edit it.

You can have several rules of the same type

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