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Modification matrix

To follow up on the changes between 2 variants, head over to the Modification Matrix tab. Watch this quick extract for an overview of the Modification Matrix :

  1. The search bar allows you to search the requirements, like in the Search tab or Traceability tab.

  2. There are 4 available comparison types

    • Description

    • Properties (can be fine-tuned)

    • External properties (can be fine-tuned)

    • Dependencies

  3. The toggle allows you to display the text that has changed between the requirements (read next section)

  4. You can add more variant columns to be able to compare more data

  5. You can save current display

In the matrix, here is the color code:

  • White cell: The requirement is present and is the same as previous column

  • White cell with (M): The requirement has some modification compared to the previous column

  • Grey cell: The requirement is absent

Of course, the user can combine one/more/all the fields for comparison.

Description is checked:

  • Green background: The text is new,

  • Red background: The text is removed,

  • White background: The text is unchanged.

Properties is checked:

An additional filter is displayed, to be able to select a single/several properties.

In that way, you can see only the relevant changes to you.

External properties is checked:

An additional filter is displayed, like for properties.

If you are interested to know how External properties work, follow this link.

Dependencies is checked:

The user can list the dependencies of the requirement that have changed.

In this example, you can see that BS-001 (V1) has a new dependency TS-004, compared to Current.

When clicking on Save as, you can save the current display, and can reuse it later or share it with other users in the space.

The saved matrixes are available in the tab Saved Matrixes, along with the saved Traceability matrixes.

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