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Variant administration

As a space administrator, on the Requirement Yogi Administration page of the space, you can manage variants.

Current variant

By default, each space has a Current variant. All new requirements are assigned to this variant.

This variant cannot be edited nor removed.

New variants

You can create other variants, up to 5 per space. If you need more variants, please contact our Support team.

In the dialog, the name is mandatory, and you can write a description.

Edit variant

The same dialog is opened, and enables you to change the name and the description.

Delete variant

When deleting a variant, after confirmation, it is soft-deleted, and the associated requirement are not accessible.

You will need to select another variant, on the Confluence page, with the Byline dialog, or with the Assign pages button.

Assign pages

The button Assign pages is described here, it enables you to assign some pages (and their children) to a variant.

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