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Requirement Yogi has very little configuration. If you're looking for information on how to organize your requirements, take a look at our videos or go straight to the onboarding.

Configuration in Confluence

There is no specific configuration. There is an administration screen to gather logs, in case you need to raise a bug report

Configuration in JIRA

You must configure the Applinks. Go to Requirement for Jira documentation.

  • You may configure the link types.

    • To search for this administration screen, use the shortcut 'gg', then search for 'Requirement Yogi'.

    • The administration screen

Global Synchronization

JIRA issues reflect the links at the time of creation. If you want to update links (for the title, or if the requirement moved or was deleted), please click "Synchronize" on the given issue. Alternatively, you can request JIRA to update all Requirement Yogi links, although it may be long depending on the number of issues you have and the quantity of requirements to update.

To apply the global synchronization, go to JIRA Administration → Issues → RY Synchronization.

The synchronization then happens in a background task and you'll see the details as they come in:

System properties

Normally unnecessary, it is possible to override some settings using system properties:

System property

Default value


The character detected by RY

The opening character to escape column names in ActiveObjects SQL.


The character detected by RY

The closing character to escape column names in ActiveObjects SQL.



The number of Jira issues that we attempt to fetch in a single query (ex: for the traceability matrix)



The number of Jira issues per query. 

requirementyogi.applink.timeout (in Jira or Confluence)

30s + 0.1s per item

The timeout (in ms) for any connection between Jira and Confluence using the application links.

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