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How to start

Become a Requirement Yogi pro in less than 30 minutes with our video tutorials: . Please feel free to comment and ask us questions on what content you would like to see next!

This series is for Data Center, if you are on the Cloud, this is for you: How to start . If you do now know on which hosting you are, find more information here:,are%20on%20Server%2FData%20Center.

Each tutorial is in order to make you learn Requirement Yogi from the basics to lesser known features that could improve your work.

1 - Inserting requirements

2 - Properties and Dependencies

3 - Search Syntax

4 - Traceability Matrix (RTM)

5 - External Properties

6 - Jira links and Jira Bulk Issue Creation

7 - Baselines and versioning

8 - Importing word requirements

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