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How to start

Check the following pages that explains how to use the main features of Requirement Yogi for Cloud:

Learn how to be a Requirement Yogi expert in less than 30 minutes with the full playlist: . Please feel free to comment back and give us some of your inputs to make these tutorials better 🙂

If you are a Data Center user, these tutorials are for you: . If you do not know on which hosting you are, find more information here:,are%20on%20Server%2FData%20Center.

Overview of all features

1- What is a requirement for us, and insert the macro

2- What are properties, dependencies and how to manage them

3- Use the search to your advantage with our tips on the syntax

4- How to use the Traceability Matrix and build powerful reports

5- Perform Calculations on your requirements

6- Variants, manage parallel branches and compare them

7 - External Properties UPCOMING

8 - Requirement Yogi for Jira - How to link Requirements to Jira issues

9 - Transformation Wizard

10 - Reuse public standards and your client’s specifications: Write your requirements in paragraphs

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