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Estimates and external properties

Requirement Yogi 3.0 and above

External properties can be used for estimates, testing, and to track any other data about the requirement.


  • As opposed to inline properties, external properties are not visible in the original page. You can edit them without disturbing the author of the requirements,

  • They are displayed in the requirement popup, identified with a little asterisk (*),

  • They are edited using the "Estimates" tab,

  • They can be modified by anyone with edit permissions on the space,

  • They can be viewed in the traceability matrix,

  • Two "estimate" matrices with the same property will display the same value, since the value is attached to the requirement.

External properties are simply a way to track data about requirements without disturbing the viewers of the original page: Group your requirements by adding a tag, assign a cost, list the impacted components, or add subjective information about them. Beware though: They are visible by everyone in the space, in the popup of the requirement.


This is our main usecase for the external properties. You can use them to perform an estimation of your project:

ℹ️ You can define operations such as sum, min, max, average and count, and they are updated when you fill in the values.

ℹ️ Notice that this looks very much like the traceability matrix, and we even have the little menus which allow you to create columns: The two matrices are using the same back-end, we just add editable fields for the estimates.

Hijack the estimates to build your own testing solution

Although our primary example of external properties is for estimates, you can extend them with various types.

Here is an example using external properties (checkbox and comments) to tick requirements which have been tested:

ℹ️ Notice how the left handside of the matrix is the traceability matrix: You can retrieve as many columns as desired, to bring up the context that is necessary to fulfill your task.

Administering the external properties

External properties are global to the instance, and are administered in the Requirement Yogi administration.

  • You can change the data type,

  • You can click on the property to search for them (It will reuse the last space),

  • You can delete unused ones.

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