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Transformations for Vertical tables: Use previous transformations but in Vertical tables

When to use it?

  • When you have requirements defined in a vertical table (The first column contains property names, and the other columns contain 1 requirement per column)

  • When you want to transform requirement links in a vertical table

  • When you want to properly define your vertical table headers (See Headers transformation for more details)


You won't have as many options when transforming a vertical table, but we recognize that sometimes the choice is dictated by external factors. We suggest defining requirements in horizontal tables to fully benefit from the transformation wizard.

This transformation is only usable on vertical tables, when other transformation rules would not work.

Using the vertical table transformation

You can access the vertical table transformation from the summary step. Like other transformations, you can also save a transformation and reuse it in other pages.

Like with the other transformations, you can select the tables where you want to apply the headers transformation by clicking on the button and typing your selection.

Table configuration

  • Choosing the requirement line:

For now, only requirements in the first line of the table are able to be transformed and saved in our database.

  • Transforming the requirement links:

If your requirements refine a parent requirement, you can indicate the requirement key in your table and choose to transform the requirement links, and we will take care of automatically creating links in your requirements, usable elsewhere in our application, like in the traceability matrix.

  • Transform the first row into headers:

Sometimes, tables imported from Word are ill-defined and don't have proper table headers. Table headers are used by requirement yogi to know the properties of your requirements. Table headers are also not transformed in requirement yogi macros.

  • Generate requirements keys:

It is possible that your vertical tables does not contain requirement keys. If that arrives, you can check the box and an additional wizard will appear in the bottom of the frame in order to configure the key generation.

Changing the plugin configuration

At the summary step before transforming the page, simply click on the rule you want to modify to edit it.

You can have several rules of the same type with different configurations

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