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Release 3.5 - New indexing engine

Note to administrators


After installing 3.5.0, do not downgrade to 3.4.x. We have changed the format of property names, and it is possible to enter data in 3.5.0 that is interpreted with an XSS in 3.4.x.

CCMA and JCMA - Migrations to the Cloud

With this version, we’ve finally made it possible to migrate to the cloud using a simple click!

Go to Migration to the Cloud for more details.

A new indexation engine

Don’t worry, existing customers keep the old engine. However, they are encouraged to switch to the new one and give us feedback about the new rendering.

  • The version 2 is better since we don’t make the users wait while saving a page, we just post the event in a queue and the requirements are processed later on.

  • The version 2 is recommended for Data Center instances.

  • We want to make the version 2 the principal engine in the future, so please give us feedback about the rendering. We’ll certainly make it the default in the future (RY 4.0).

Read more about choosing the indexing engine on this page.

Key Suggestions


Administrators can:

  • Lock keys to prevent users from creating random requirement keys,

  • Use global keys instead of space keys,

  • Define different settings for some of the spaces.

See Key Suggestions for more details.


More bugfixes will come in 3.5.x iterations, but here are some fixes for 3.5.0:

  • RY-1118

  • RY-1218

  • RY-1235

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