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Migrate Server macros to Cloud

In case some macros were not transformed properly during the migration, you can use the Transformation wizard with the rule Migrate Server requirement macros to Cloud.

Please find more information on the migration here: Migration to the Cloud

Transform 1 page

  1. Click on the Requirement Yogi Byline (at the top of the page) > Transformation wizard

    1. Click on Transformation Wizard

  2. Select the rule Migrate Server requirement macros to Cloud

    1. Migrate server to cloud transformation
  3. Click on Submit

  4. If you want to apply this transformation in bulk to multiple pages, make sure to save it and give a name to the Transformation.

  5. Apply the transformation and you’re done.

Transform multiple pages

  1. Make sure you have already saved the Transformation beforehand by creating it on a single page.

  2. Then go to Requirement Yogi > Pages

    1. Pages tab.png

  3. Select the pages you want to transform. You can also use CQL.

  4. Then select the saved transformation at the bottom and click on Transform.

  5. Let the magic work, and you’re done 🎉

How do you recognise Server Macros from Cloud macros?



Server requirement macro
Cloud requirement macro

Macros from Server will usually have this message Unknown macro : 'macro-name'

This is a functioning macro in Cloud.

What types of macros do we transform?



  • Requirement macros (tick)

  • Requirement Links (tick)

  • Requirement Properties (error)

→ replaced by RY Configuration macro

  • RY report macro (error)

RY report (works differently)

  • Other RY macros (error)

No replacement

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