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Administrator's guide

There isn’t much to administrate in Requirement Yogi, but these are the topics to look out for if your users have questions, or do not have admin permissions:

Where is the Administration in Requirement Yogi?

Requirement Yogi Administration and Configuration.png

1. The Administration

This administration is different than the Configuration as it is only used at space level.

2. The cog → Requirement Yogi Configuration

Requirement Yogi Configuration.png

The other path to get to this page is: Confluence settings → Atlassian Marketplace → Requirement Yogi.

These settings are for the whole Confluence Instance.

  • Find a getting started video

  • The roadmap for features in the Cloud

  • Jira integration tab will help you connect your Confluence and Jira instances: Guide to install Requirement Yogi for Jira

  • The Support tab, this is where you will find your client-key (needed for our devs to look into logs if you report us a bug). You’ll also be able to flush the cache there, and activate the end-points for Migrating from Server to Cloud.

  • Usage tab, this is pretty useful for system administrators wanting to know how the app is used by its users and how many requirements are in each space. For example, it is not used sys admins may decide to uninstall the app.

  • Queue jobs, if you are encountering some bugs, especially during migration jobs, this is where you’ll be able to see failed messages.

  • GDPR/Exports, this tab is useful is you plan to uninstall the app and remove all of your data from our servers. Please find our privacy policy for more information.

    • This is also where you’ll be able to trigger a full reindex of all pages → Click on the RESTORE button.

  • External Properties, they are managed per instance, and you can have as many as you want. Only administrators can create and delete them

  • Health.

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