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Requirement Yogi for Cloud: Overall features

Please note that this document dates from December 2023 and may be outdated.


Cloud Features


Fill for your client

Manage requirements in Documents

✅ Easy navigation between requirements

In Tables / ISO Documents / Detail & Treeview

✅ Search

Search Syntax

✅ Requirement dependencies


Custom Properties on requirements

✅ Properties


✅ External Properties

External properties

Project Tracking

✅ Link with Stories

Requirement panel in Jira

✅ Requirement Traceability

Traceability Matrix

✅ Calculations



✅ Variants & Branches

Variants / Modification Matrix

❌ Baselines

What is the difference with Variants?


✅ Export to Excel

Exports / RY Report

✅ Import from Word/Excel/PDF

Native in Confluence / Copy & Paste

✅ Jira

Requirement panel in Jira

🟡 Rest API

Work in progress

❌ ReqIF


❌ Native

🟡 Xray

You can already integrate with it, but is a work in progress

SOC2 / Quality & Compliance

✅ Validation Rules and Conformity

Validation rules

🟡 History

For now, you can see what has been modified between Variants. We do not manage the Who & When yet. You can still use the native Confluence page history feature.

❌ Workflows / Approvals / Automations

Maybe… Very long term

🟡  Data Residency

CAIQ, planned for 2024

Security & Privacy

GDPR / Data Privacy

Privacy Policy

Cloud fortified & Bug Bounty Program,



Response time/ Availability

24 hour support response time



Time on the Marketplace

10+ years


For users / For partners


Requirement Yogi for Confluence

Main app, can be used as a standalone

Paid ($86 pm / 100 users)

Requirement Yogi for Jira

Integration. Cannot be used as a standalone

Paid ($39 pm / 100 users)

If you want to use this file and send it to your customers, please download it:

Requirement Yogi Cloud - Features overview for Solutions Partners.pdf

📢 Stay tuned to new features

Wanna stay aware of our new features? Please head to to register yourself and choose your hosting and interests.

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